Tuesday, 21 May 2013

CES53 'Clown Back From Hell' PRESS RELEASE

For Immediate Release.

CES53 'Clown Back From Hell'

Open Saturday and Sunday's, 1st - 30th June 2013.

Opening Preview: Friday 31st May, 7pm - 10pm. 
After Party@ Ernest, 9:30pm - 1am.

Tower Art Gallery are pleased to announce the first UK solo show from Ces53, a graffiti artist and fine artist from Rotterdam. Active since 1985, Ces53 quickly rose to become a graffiti king of Europe by the early 90's. One of the biggest train bombers of his time, Ces53 is especially famous for his one man colour whole cars, keeping pace and painting alongside the renowned New York kings of his era such as Sento, Wane, Reas, Dash, Pure and CesFX. 

Parallel to an international career in graffiti, Ces53 first found classical oil painting in 1987 and went on to study at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in Rotterdam during the 90's. Here he refined his oil and acrylic techniques and started to make impressionistic and expressionistic works alongside conceptual modern art. Since 1999 Ces53 has also been studying sculpturing including jade carving, stone carving, ceramic working and metal casting in Guatemala, Mexico and Burma.

"Clown Back From Hell" is the first exhibition by Ces53 in the UK and promises to be a concise journey into this artists psychedelic world. Visitors can expect original paintings, signed prints and other slightly more unusual collectables.

Ces53, in collaboration with the Tower Art Gallery, are pleased to finally unveil a project several years in the making; the first ever currency, minted by a Graffiti King. Using ancient techniques that originate from the beginning of the monetary system, we have minted our own coinage using solid silver and gold. 

In this time of financial turmoil and uncertainty, we offer the perfect opportunity for a safe investment by combining gold and silver with unique and collectable art. With the inevitable collapse of the Fiat Currency looming, there has never been a more appropriate time to question the stock market's precious metal price manipulation…

 Ces53 - 'Clown Back From Hell' Screen print.

In his most recent exhibition 'Clown Back From Hell', Ces53 creates work in order to discuss his apocalyptic vision using his familiar psychedelic imagery. This body of work however shows a shift in perspective throughout, the alternation between day and night.

  Ces53 - 'Day and Night' Original Painting in Aerosol.

 For example the series of darker paintings, worked realised almost entirely in black.  Painting's such as 'Eye in the Sky, Watching Over it's Minions', which seemingly depict the collapse of our current system and the uprising of a new one.

 On the other hand in the brighter and enlightened paintings upstairs, we see the black recalled, most clearly in ' Tulip of Death'. This central motif refers directly to the fact Tulips were used in Holland as a currency and resulted in the collapse of the fiat monetary system.

Ces53 - 'Tulip of Death' Original Painting in Aerosol.

In reaction to the untamed beast that is our current monetary system Ces53 in collaboration with Tower Art Gallery has minted his own coinage, demonstrating how easy it is to create a system of exchange and question the value of money. Ces53 in producing this exhibition has shed light on an increasingly important issue that is better addressed sooner, rather than later…

  Ces53 - 'Sooner or Later' Original Painting in Aerosol.

Tower Art Gallery, Stepney Road, Newcastle upon Tyne. NE2 1TZ.

CES 53 'Clown back From Hell' from jim newrick on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Friends of Tower Art Gallery Adam Heiss and Martene Rourke have a new exhibition in Manchester on Thursday 30th of May, if your in that part of the world I strongly suggest you check it out...

A limited Martene Rourke print from our 'A View To A Kill' exhibition last year is also still available here...

and for more info on Adam and Martene visit their site here...

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Friday, 2 November 2012


Rowdy - 'Get Rowdy'  

8th November - 10th January 2013

Tower Art Gallery are pleased to announce, 'Get Rowdy', the first Newcastle solo show by the infamous UK artist. Known best for his trademark crocodiles, Rowdy has always used graffiti as a tool of resistance, since becoming an integral part of the Bristol graffiti scene in 1987. In recent years, he has become a key member of Burning Candy. A crew whose sustained outdoor painting campaign, has left a strong impression on many a surface, throughout the UK and beyond. 

Having recently recovered from a fire that claimed both his home and studio, the artist has become more meditative in approach. This is realised in his series of abstract cityscape paintings. These will be displayed alongside other new works, combining an accomplished series of paintings, with his ever playful and unique take on urban living and landscape.

Tower Art Gallery.

Tower Art Gallery aim to promote the work of credible and established artists, that we feel deserve exposure as key figures in this ever evolving art-form . Following the success of our previous exhibition with Petro, we are glad to open our floor once again to such a reputable artist. We invite you to join us to celebrate the opening night of 'Get Rowdy' on Thursday, November 8th, from 7pm - 10pm.   

For more information please contact

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


OH MY DAYS- this NUG piece is off the hinge!
stolen from the ever active http://supetheteammanager.tumblr.com/

Limited edition NUG prints still available from Tower Art Gallery here;

Sunday, 30 September 2012

New exhibition Martene Rourke and Adam Heiss.

Martene Rourke featured in our group photography exhibition A VIEW TO A KILL during May this year. Now alongside her longterm collaborator Adam Heiss they have just announced URBAN DIPTYCHS, an exhibition of new photographs opening in Hannover on the 4th of October at 7pm. If your lucky enough to be in  Germany you really have no excuses for not hopping an S-bahn and checking it out, these two rarely disappoint.

Martene Rourke's limited print which comes with a signed certificate of authentication is still available from us at Tower Art Gallery priced £35 http://www.towerartgallery.com/product-p/avtk-mr1.htm

Monday, 13 August 2012

PETRO Age 39 3/4 Opening Preview

Thanks to all who came to the Tower on Thursday 2nd of August and made the opening preview of PETRO 'Age 39 3/4' a night not to be missed.

Tower Art Gallery would like to thank the artist, all friends and family who helped us on the run up to the show and as always our GMC DJ's for providing the excellent beats. Also, a special thank you to our kind beer sponsor LCL.

There is slideshow tour of the exhibition on our website http://www.towerartgallery.com/and all artwork from the show is now online and available for sale.

 Here are a few photos from the opening night...